IACT 国際空港上屋株式会社-International Air Cargo Terminal Co.,ltd.

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About Us

History of IACT

In 1965, IACT was solely designated Airline Operators Committee (AOC) to handling and storing of their import air cargo at HanedaAirport and initiated import common warehouse operation.In 1978, IACT advanced to Narita Airport at the same time when it opened.Since then, IACT has developed, with the history of international air cargo industries, as a pioneer of the operator of an import common warehouse at Narita International airport which is one of the world’s major airports in terms of cargo tonnage handled. In 2008, IACT opened the bonded storage facility, Narita Logistics Center, in the southern part of Narita Airport, the Southern Industrial Park in Shibayama, Chiba-prefecture, for handling import / export air cargo and also providing logistics providers with space and labors at the warehouse. By staring a new business for IACT of ramp handling services in Oct. 2010, IACT has provided a full range of services in cargo and ramp handling, covering from ramp to import / export cargo handling at the warehouse. In 2011, IACT Narita Logistics Center was certified as an authorized warehouse under the current AEO system. As such, IACT has kept providing high-quality services, always with the motto of “Safe, Reliable and Speedy handling”

Company Profile

Company Name International Air Cargo Terminal Co.,Ltd.
Operations started November,1966
Capital 300 million Yen
Category of business International air Cargo handling, Surface transportation of cargo
Head Office

Nomura Fudousan Higashi Nihonbashi Bldg. 5F, 1-1-7, Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004, Japan


Narita Operation Headquarters

Import Common Warehouse Bldg., Narita International Airport, Narita-city, Chiba, 282-8691, Japan


Haneda Office

No.474 No.1 International freight Bldg., 2-6-3 Haneda Airport, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan


IACT Narita Logistics Center

Iwayama Aza Imorito 114-7, Sanbu-gun, shibayama-machi, Chiba, 289-1608, Japan


Group Gompany
Company Name ICS Co.,Ltd.
Operations started March,1987
Capital 10 million Yen
Category of business Man-Power Supply,Customs-Broker
Head Office

No.1 Agency Bldg., Narita International Airport,Narita-city,Chiba, 282-8691, Japan

TEL:0476-32-7980 FAX:0476-32-7133

Haneda Office

No.1 International freight Bldg., 2-6-3, Haneda Airport, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan

TEL:03-5708-3028 FAX:03-3747-0048

Company Name Skyport Service Corporation
Operations started August, 2006
Capital 100 million Yen
Category of business Ground handling service
Head Office

International Warehouse #3 1-2 Centrair,Tokoname Aichi 479-0881, Japan

TEL:0569-38-9700 FAX:0569-38-0380

Board Members

post name responsibilty
President Eiichi Okamoto Corporate Administration/Operation Reform Promotion/Chairman of ICS Co.,Ltd./Chairman of Skyport Service Corporation
Senior Managing Director Yoshikazu Tsurumaki Interdepartmental Cordination/Internal Audit/General Affairs Department/General Accounting Department/Facility Department
Senior Managing Director Tetsuro Hirano Import Operation Department2/Operation Control Department
Director Fuminori Kawaguchi Corporate Planning Department/Department of Ramp&Passenger Handling Services/IT Developing Office
Director Masanori Otake Export Operation Department/Marketing&Sales Department/IACT Narita Logistic Center
Director Seiji Iijima Import Operation Department1/Import Documentation Handling Department/Haneda Branch
Auditor Kiyotoshi Oyano
Executive Officer (New) Masayuki Kida President of Skyport Service Corporation

IACT Group Mission

IACT Group ? our aim is to become the best ground handling company in all of Asia.

IACT Group Mission

  1. As the long-established leader of warehouse business in Japan, we will fulfill our social responsibilities and public duties within the air cargo industry.
  2. "Safety First" will be our top priority.
  3. We will provide high quality services at competitive price for the satisfaction of our customers.
  4. We will provide and maintain healthy and friendly work environment.
  5. We will always continue to strive for excellence.

IACT Group Code of conduct

  1. We will obey corporate rules and laws, whose infractions and violations shall not be ignored, and contribute to the society as a business professional who is also environmentally conscious.
  2. We will follow all operational rules and standards, anticipate the dangers and risks, and carry out the work in a safe, accident-free manner.
  3. We will think from the position of our customers, understand their requests thoroughly, and fulfill their needs by offering original service with sincerity and gratitude.
  4. We will help promote a cheerful and pleasant working environment, in which our colleagues are polite and respectful to each other, and is free of any discrimination or harassment.
  5. We will not be content with the status quo. We will always continue to improve ourselves and challenge something new at all times.

IACT Group Safety Charter

IACT Group Safety Charter

Safety is the foundation of IACT Group business and is also our commitment to the public. Each one of us is aware of our roles and responsibilities and we work together to enhance safety.

To accomplish this, we will act according to the following principles.

  1. Comply with laws and regulations and strictly follow standard operating procedures.
  2. Always check and confirm; never rely on assumptions.
  3. Promptly communicate accurate information without exceptions.
  4. Always pay attention to safety and try to eliminate unsafe elements.
  5. Enhance own knowledge and skills and ensure safety first.

Important Events of Company History

October 1963

Founded Fujii Airport Cargo Service Co.,Ltd.

December 1964

Changed corporate name to International Air Cargo Terminal Co.,Ltd.(IACT)

December 1965

Designated to be operator of the Import Common Warehouse at Haneda Airport by AOC

November 1966

Started operation of import common warehouse at Haneda

May 1978

Narita Airport was opened Established

Narita operation Headquarters

Started operation of import common warehouse at Narita

November 1986

Expansion of A-wing (Import Common Warehouse Building)at Narita

August 1993

Expansion of A-wing (Import Common Warehouse Building)at Narita

April 1996

Started operation of B/C-wing (No.4 Cargo Building)at Narita

March 1998

Moved to the East Cargo Terminal at Haneda

June 2002

Started operation of D-wing (No.6 Cargo Building)at Narita

November 2002

Closed the Haneda Operation Office

October 2003

Started operation of IACT Kunan Center at outside Narita Airport.

March 2008

Opened IACT Narita Logistics Center at outside Narita Airport.

October 2010

Started a ramp handling business

March 2011

IACT Narita Logistics Center was cartified by Tokyo Customs as an authorized Warehouse under the AEO system

February 2018

Opened Cargo Climate Control Terminal at Narita