Ground Handling Business

Linking Japan and the World.
We provide ground handling services.

Ramp handling services
We provide a full lineup of services from aircraft arrival to departure. Each one of our staff members come together and fulfills their individual roles to provide our safe, reliable and prompt services.

We guide aircrafts to the tarmac.

Baggage handling
We sort arriving baggage and load departing baggage into containers.

Loading/ unloading
Arrived baggage/cargo is unloaded and departure baggage/cargo is loaded for aircraft departure.

We carry baggage and cargo ULDs between the aircraft and the terminal/storage area.

The aircraft is sent to the taxiway for takeoff.

Cabin cleaning
We clean the inside of the aircraft so passengers can spend a time comfortably.
Passenger handling services
We provide passenger check-in, baggage check-in, boarding information and arrival services at the passenger terminal. We welcome you with hospitality so that each and every one can have a good trip.


We check your boarding pass and passport as well as other departure documents and check in baggage.

Departure gate
Passengers will be escorted to the aircraft at the departure gate.


Arrival gate
We provide guidance to passengers as they arrive.

Load control
Flight operation
We control the weight and balance of the aircraft, which is the key to safe flight operation. Our professionals with expertise in aircrafts provide support for safe flight operation.

Load control
We calculate the number of passenger, baggage and the weight of cargo to cerate a ULD loading plan for the aircraft.

Communication with flight crew
We communicate with flight crew before arrival and after departure.

Flight document handling
We prepare the necessary documents such as flight plan to destination and hand over the documents to flight crew.