Message From The President And Introducing The Board Members

Message from Top Management

Always providing satisfying services.

In 1966, we started import warehouse operations as Japan’s first joint warehouse operator.
For more than half a century, we have provided efficient and high-quality services as a professional import warehouse operator under the guidance of customs, airports, other authorities and with the cooperation of airlines, forwarders and other members of the international airline industry, while at the same time fulfilling our public responsibilities.

In particular, over the past 20 years since the beginning of the 21st century, we have been aiming to further improve the efficiency and quality of our operations by systemizing our warehouse operations, providing dedicated temperature-controlled warehouses and acquiring CEIV Pharma certification.
In 2020, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) selected us for a Regional Future Driving Company as a business that can play a central role in the local economies. We will continue to contribute to the enhancement of the airport’s functions and to the revitalization of the region surrounding the airport through the promotion of local employment and CSR activities.
After our 50th anniversary in business in 2016, we are now looking toward the next 50 years as each and every one of our employees grows as a professional and with strong teamwork, we aim to provide efficient and high quality services that will delight our customers. We will never forget our origins as a long-established warehouse company and will continue to take on the challenge of adapting to the changes of the new era and improving ourselves so that we can contribute to the development of international exchange as a team.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and continued support.

President, Eiichi Okamoto

Board of Directors

Eiichi Okamoto
Corporate Administration/Operation Reform Promotion/Chairman of ICS Co., Ltd./Chairman of Skyport Service Corporation
Senior Managing Director
Tetsuro Hirano
Import Operation Department 2/Operation Control Department
Senior Managing Director
Ryuichi Maekawa
Interdepartmental Cordination/Internal Audit/General Affairs Department/General Accounting Department/Facility Department/IT Developing Office
Fuminori Kawaguchi
Corporate Planning Department/Department of Ramp&Passenger Handling Services
Masanori Otake
Export Operation Department/Marketing&Sales Department/President of ICS Co., Ltd.
Seiji Iijima
Import Operation Department 1/Import Documentation Handling Department/IACT Narita Logistics Center/Haneda Branch
Yoshikazu Tsurumaki
Executive Officer
Masayuki Kida
Manager of Export Operation Department/Manager of Facility Department
Executive Officer
Makoto Kiuchi
President of Skyport Service Corporation
Executive Officer
Yoshiki Takagi
Manager of Import Operation Department 1