Privacy Policy

International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. 
Personal Data Protection Policy

To promote the protection of personal data, International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd.
(hereinafter referred to as “Our company”) shall enact the following policy on the handling of all personal data,
enforce the recognition of the importance of personal data protection on all employees and establish a structure of data protection.

Protection of Personal Data

In order to keep the personal data accurate and up-to-date and to prevent any loss, damage, leakage, manipulation and otherwise unauthorized access to personal data, Our company shall make every effort to adopt necessary measures such as construction of a management system, maintenance of a security system and thorough internal training so that all personal data are strictly controlled.

Purpose of Collection and Use

Personal data collected from our customers or consignors shall be used for execution of our business such as handling of imported cargo, export cargo and airline documents, ramp handling, passenger operations and other operations. Personal data also shall be used for Our company’s communications, operational notices or responses to inquiries by e-mail and/or postal letter.

Disclosure to Third Party

Our company shall control collected personal data properly and shall not disclose it except for the following cases:

  • Under consent by customer
  • Disclosure to our supplier for the provision of services requested by customer
  • Disclosure required by law

Personal Data Safety Measures

Thorough security measures shall be taken by Our company to ensure the accuracy and safety of retained personal data.

Inquiries by the Data Owner

Our company shall comply with any inquiry, revision or deletion of personal data requested by the data owner upon confirmation of the identity of data owner.

Legal Compliance and Policy Revisions

Our company shall comply with any laws and regulations applicable to the retention of personal data. Appropriate revisions shall also be made to improve this policy.

Contact Us

For questions about our handling of personal data, please contact us at the contact information listed below.

International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department

Import Common Bldg., Narita International Airport, Narita-shi, Chiba, 282-8691, Japan
TEL: +81-476-33-7801