Group Mission/ Safety Charter

IACT Group- our aim is to become the best ground handling company in all of Asia.

IACT Group Mission

As the long-established leader of warehouse business in Japan, we will fulfill our social responsibilities and public duties within the air cargo industry.
“Safety First” will be our top priority.
We will provide high quality services at competitive price for the satisfaction of our customers.
We will provide and maintain healthy and friendly work environment.
We will always continue to strive for excellence.

IACT Group Code of Conduct

We will obey corporate rules and laws, whose infractions and violations shall not be ignored and contribute to the society as a business professional who is also environmentally conscious.
We will follow all operational rules and standards, anticipate the dangers and risks and carry out the work in a safe, accident-free manner.
We will think from the position of our customers, understand their requests thoroughly and fulfill their needs by offering original service with sincerity and gratitude.
We will help promote a cheerful and pleasant working environment, in which our colleagues are polite and respectful to each other and is free of any discrimination or harassment.
We will not be content with the status quo. We will always continue to improve ourselves and challenge something new at all times.

IACT Group Safety Charter

Safety is the foundation of IACT Group business and is also our commitment to the public.
Each one of us is aware of our roles and responsibilities and we work together to enhance safety.
To accomplish this, we will act according to the following principles.

Comply with laws and regulations and strictly follow standard operating procedures.
Always check and confirm; never rely on assumptions.
Promptly communicate accurate information without exceptions.
Always pay attention to safety and try to eliminate unsafe elements.
Enhance own knowledge and skills and ensure safety first.